Common Ground Matching Tool

Are you an organizer or admin for a group on Facebook, LinkedIn, Meetup, or any other online social network?

Have you ever felt pressure to host an event or happy hour for your group to provide a way for your members to meet others in the group? Have you ever spent much of your own time and money growing and maintaining an online social group? Have you ever helped two people connect with each other because you knew those two people would hit it off based on a common mindset, interest, or that the introduction would generate a lead for someone’s business?

We have a matching software that allows you to put ‘NETWORKING ON AUTOMATIC’ for all your professional networking groups. We give you the power to provide closed-circuit professional matching services to every member on your pre-existing network. Your members will love you for helping them connect with and meet valuable people within your group that share their common interests and in a fast way to help them generate leads for their business saving them valuable networking time.

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The Problem with Online Social Groups

Members of Online Social groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, Meetup, etc, want to connect with other members within their group in person, but making friends and connections with the RIGHT PEOPLE can be hard and awkward. Sometimes having two people be members of the same online group isn’t enough in common to have those two people meet. Individuals members of these online groups often have a short list of criteria for what would be a valuable connection for them, but don’t have the time to go through meet with each member to see how they can create a mutually beneficial relationship. Finding commonalities within a large group takes too much time and is overwhelming, sometimes no one in your group tries to connect and your group stagnates, causing you the organizer to work extra hard just to keep your group engaged. Our matching tool provides your members with an excuse to meetup, forge those real connections, and CREATES AUTOMATIC ENGAGEMENT for your group so everyone in your network will be warm whenever you have a message for your members.

How Does It Work?

Step 1) Signup as an organizer for our tool at
Step 2) Our software generates a unique online link, that you’re then able to post into your pre-existing online social group.
Step 3) Place the link in your group and encourage your members to sign up through this link. Then put group member networking on Automatic from there!

From here, your members opt-in to be matched with other members of your group based on criteria they select. Our software looks for commonalities between members, then emails two members we think are the best match that should meet.

Two members make the best match when they are likely to generate a lead for each other’s business, share multiple common interests, or share a common mindset.

When two members are matched via email, both parties must click accept in order for their contact info to be revealed. When a proper match has been made, our system encourages both ‘matched’ members within your group to meetup in real life for coffee, video chat, or have a phone call.

When your members are getting value by meeting up and connecting with each other, you the organizer gain the competitive advantage by offering your members valuable matching services when other groups will not be offering this service. Best of all ! Our tool allows you to backup your member emails and other data from your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Meetup groups which allows you to keep in touch with your members always from one source ( our software ). As the organizer and host, our software allows you to see how many leads and valuable connections your members are making within your group in real time and you can also provide matching services for multiple groups at once across ANY online platform. All it takes is posting 1 unique link into your group and you’re done.

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Here are a list of benefits you receive with our software tool:

This tool will allow save you time, money, and will help you grow your group much faster than only facilitating events yourself. Let your group grow automatically with our tool. Our tool provides value to both you the organizer and your members too.


Save Time & Money.

 Grow your group automatically. Rather than you hosting monthly events for your group to help it grow, this tool allows people to self-service meet in person with each other based on commonalities and interests, so you don’t have to spend your time or money facilitating introductions. With this tool members will automatically be meeting, allowing you to step in at any time and host an event whenever its most convenient for you. Save money because now you don’t have to facilitate in person events or pay someone to host an in person event just to keep your group engaged on a monthly basis.

Gain a Competitive Advantage.

Your group will grow faster than groups that don’t have this tool. Your members will want to join your free group more so than other groups because you’re offering them valuable group matching.Give something to your members they’ll love you for. When you give your members leads and matches, they’ll certainly positively talk about you, and share your group with their friends, thus increasing your member trust, and increasing the group growth rate.

Backup YOUR Member Data!

With our software, you get access to backup your group members’ emails and other matching data so you’ll always be able to stay in touch! Social Networks can revoke your access to your members at any time but with our software, you’ll have a backup of your members emails all in one spot.

Grow Your Group Faster

Grow your group much faster & Create a much stronger community! Studies have shown groups that offer in person meeting grow much faster and much stronger connections.

Put Engagement On Automatic!

 While members are getting valuable matches they will be responsive to your future messages and event announcements. 

Build A Stronger Community

With more of your members building 1on1 relationships with other group members, your members will have stronger connections to members within your group which creates a stronger community, builds loyalty, and trust within your group.



Here are a list of benefits you receive with our software tool:

  1. Help your Members generate Leads for their business or service

  2. Help your network find Common Ground and help them meet new people

  3. Help your network generate Referrals for each other

  4. Help your Members meet like minded people for business or personal reasons within your group

  5. Help talented professionals find a job

  6. Help your members find your next opportunity or Co-Founder

  7. Auto Engagement – While members are getting valuable matches they will be responsive to your future messages and event announcements

  8. Email Backup – Our tool allows you to access a backup copy of emails so you never loose touch with your members


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