About Us

Accelerating Business Connections in Austin

Austin’s Premier Networking Event Organization made exclusively for Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs.

At Culture-FX Austin, we exist to help Business Professionals build relationships and connect with each other through speed networking events, workshops, and lectures. Our mission is to help you achieve your business goals, increase your revenues, get connected in Austin, and to provide you training to help your business or start-up reach its fullest potential. Culture-FX’s goal is to have a direct impact on culture through connecting like-minded professionals.

Culture-FX events include Business Speed Networking, lectures, and workshops. Our workshops center around marketing, sales, and business topics so that you can get the valuable information you need to grow your business.

We provide a unique networking and training environment at our events that are made custom for our members. Our mission is to get you more value and connections out of our events so that you can achieve your business goals, make strategic partnerships, and increase your revenue.
Our events tend to service the Entrepreneur, Business Owner, C-Level Executive, The Avid Networking Types and High-Tech Startup Communities although professionals across many different industries and fields attend our events and workshops.

Culture-FX was founded in 2007 by Matthew Winters who is one of Austin’s most experienced and highly regarded business networking professionals. Culture-FX has been producing business networking events with its large network of over 30,000 business professionals in Austin TX. Culture-FX remains focused on providing business professionals with high quality networking and connecting events that bring like-minded people together for business.

Culture-FX can equip your business with a network of the finest professionals in your industry. Driven by the development of valuable professional relationships, Culture-FX enables its members to take advantage of an abundance of powerful connections – all within a single event.
Our events provide members with a way to effectively share well-qualified leads – sales contacts that, are primed and ready to do business. Culture-FX Austin meetings are carefully structured to facilitate the productive exchange of these leads. At our events you can meet local founders, exchange ideas, get feedback for your business ideas, meet business partners, and much more.

To support the growing Austin Business Networking Community most of our events, and lectures are offered through our website through purchasing a ticket. Guests are always welcome to attend as well. Some of our premium events are invite-only or membership access based. Culture-FX offers private memberships with member perks and exclusive access to our signature networking events, email us for more information or to apply for membership.

All events are led by top networking professionals with years of experience, providing intense focus on the group, as well as valuable tips and techniques for generating sales within your organization and within Culture-FX’s powerful network. Join us for an event or a workshop near you today, or sign up for our email list and be the first to know about events we’re producing in Austin. Let’s keep Austin Connected.

Our Story

Since 2007 Culture-FX has helped tens of thousands’ professionals connect through our networking events. What started off as a few people meeting up to connect with others over business and share their experiences has since grown tremendously into a large social events network driven by demand.  Due to Austin’s strong population growth our networking mixers expand to offering business speed networking events, lecutres, and workshops tailored for the Austin local Business Professional community.