Connectors of Austin – Produced By Culture-FX


The Connectors of Austin Event – Produced By Culture-FX

When you get like minded people together, magic happens, you could go to any networking event but when you go to Culture-FX’s networking events we provide a different experience where high-quality professionals are ready to do business and connect with each other.

Save time by finding there People in one space. Our Connectors of Austin Events are Invite-only, to attend you must meet the ‘Connector’ Requirements listed below and be referred by an existing member to apply. There are a whole host of benefits to your business by meeting 1 connector.

Join us in a celebration of meeting Austin’s most socially connected influencers like yourself, all in one room. Each guest has been carefully selected.

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Imagine… the most connected folks in Austin, all in one place, for a night of music, food flight art shows, and flying.

You’re a Connector – someone that has a large contact network, loves people, and relishes the opportunity to introduce others to people like yourself. Join us to meet other Austin connectors… Know another Connector we should invite? A ‘Connector’ is someone who is very connected in Austin, loves to introduce people to others, and frequently keeps up with most of their network. If you know someone like this would be a great addition to our event, email [email protected] : Include their contact info and a statement about why they would be a great addition to our event and we will consider them for our waiting list and for future event invites.

Are you a connector? Do You…

  • Connect on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn?
  • Enjoy meeting interesting people?

Want to learn how to attend and get invited to the next event?
To get invited to our next event you can purchase a membership on a subscription. You can cancel any time.


  • Make new friends / business acquaintances
  • Gain High Quality Leads and Connect with the Highest Calibur professionals in Austin.
  • Referral and Introduce 3 people to our event a 1 year of membership is FREE
  • Get a chance to double your network with everyone you meet at the event
  • World Class waitstaff at our events

Cost to Attend: Attend your next connectors event by subscription at just $20 billed Quarterly.

How to Apply for Membership

To Apply for Membership & to get invited to the next event —-> Click HERE

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