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Are you looking to connect with other top professionals in Austin? Are you looking to grow your existing business, advance your career, or start a new business?  Looking for Networking Opportunities, Referral Partners, and High Quality Leads? You’ve come to the right place! Welcome to Culture-FX Business Networking Events.

Culture-FX is Austin’s premier face-to-face business professional networking company. Culture-FX offers only the best networking events for professionals, executives, business owners and startup entrepreneurs. Culture-FX Business Networking was created to give business owners and entrepreneurs a way to meet on and offline, to connect, exchange idea and information, give and gain referrals, and network to build stronger businesses. Meet other professionals just like you in Austin looking to discuss current events, share experiences and to network with other people, interested in doing business and referring business in your area. You can also help us grow by spreading the word to people and friends that could benefit from our events. Come network with us and be our guest for our fast-paced Speed Networking format that allows you to make vital business connections quickly. Seating is limited, so register today!

Why Culture-FX Networking?

Other networking events around town are unstructured and attract attendees that tend to hard-sell to each other, rather than forming connections and value-added symbiotic relationships. At Culture-FX, we believe leads, come through a connection and solid relationship with others first. We promote an environment where our members are prompted to give more value than they receive, which creates a unique environment that actually helps you receive more referrals and connections within the event. We also take extra time to ensure our events contain high-quality attendees who want another avenue to create strong, strategic, relationships for their business, professional, or entrepreneurial career. Culture-FX Events are created for professionals who want to expand their network and create new business opportunities. Each event attracts a diverse mix of professionals from a variety of industries and career levels and provides a relaxed atmosphere for professionals to market themselves and/or their company with some of Austin’s top business professionals. Events range in size from 30-60 professionals each event.

Attendees will be able to network and gain connections with other members of their business community. Culture-FX Events will without a doubt become one of the largest and fastest growing events in Austin. It all takes place in a fun atmosphere conducive to making connections.

Admission: $10-15 in advance / $25 the day before & at the door
Limited Seating: 40 Person Max, seats available until we sell out.
Have Questions? Email us: [email protected]


Event Format, Rules & Instructions:

Rule #1 “Absolutely No, MLM ( Multi-level marketers ), Insurance salesmen, Mutual Fund Planners, Realtors, Tax Preparers, or anyone aggressively pitching their business” These occupations are NOT allowed to participate in our main Speed Networking Event with other attendees; however, these occupations will be allowed to sponsor and attend  the event through our Culture-FX Sponsor program. There will only be room for 1 Primary event Sponsor per event. Culture-FX is structuring our events this way in order to promote a more giving and entrepreneurial community at our events. For more info about sponsoring our events or info about our policy, please contact us.

What will this event be like? Each attendee will be given a few minutes to chat with a Partner explaining who they are, what are they looking for and what do they have to offer. After a few minutes have passed, attendees rotate and begin speaking to a new participant. At the end of the event members are free to network, followup with connections, and freely exchange contact info.

Event Tips: So you can make the most of your time at our events, we’ve included some tips below:

  • Know your business, and know it well;
  • Be able to describe what you do and who you do it for in a few clear sentences; and Know what you want and need from networking and what you have to offer.
  • Remember to bring plenty of business cards!


1. Please bring a 3×5 notecard and a pen. ( Don’t worry if you forget or aren’t able to find one, don’t worry, please come anyway, we will provide these supplies for you when you arrive. )
2. On your Notecard write your pitch ( Who you are, what you do, how/why you do it )
3. On your Notecard write 3 things you have to offer ( these can be strengths, skills, talents, information, assets you wish to leverage )
4. On your Notecard write 2 things you’re looking for at the event. ( This can be anything from, I’m looking for a co-founder for my business, to asking info such as where are all the best _____ in the city? )

— Additional Tips — During the event you will be speaking to many different members. You are allowed to ask one member 2 things you’re looking for and then ask another member a different 2 things you’re looking for. When you meet someone interesting, write a note to yourself to connect with that person later. Maybe bring a marker to write personal notes on business cards you receive.

Interested in becoming a sponsor for Culture-FX’s Networking Events in Austin? It’s pretty simple, contact us! [email protected]


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