Sponsor Pricing


50$ per event

  • You give our members something discounted or free, such as a drink or discount on our venue, we’ll mention you in our event copy
  • You’ll be mentioned in our email promos


$250 per event

  • Everything Bronze offers
  • +You get a 3 sentence custom message to our 5k+ email audience and 1 mention to our Facebook Audiences ( 6k in this audience)


$450 per event

  • Everything Bronze + Silver offers
  • You get to bring a speaker of your own to our event to promote your services, or you can elect to have our host promote your produce at our event.
  • +You get 1 twitter shoutout to our Twitter Audience
  • +You get our logo on 2 of our largest online Facebook or Meetup.com groups as a sponsor
  • +You get to put your logo on emails we send to our members


$650 per event

  • Everything from Bronze, Silver, and Gold.
  • +You get your logo and a sentence about what you do with a link to your website on all our pictures from an event



Here are a list of Key Sponsorship benefits:

Generate Leads & Promote Your Business or Service
Find Common ground with people, Make new friends, Business or Professional
Find Referrals
Meet Like Minded People for Business or Personal reasons within your online social group
Recruit Talented Professionals
Find Your Next Opportunity or Co-Founder


Grow Your Business Fast

  Grow your group much faster & Create a much stronger community! Grow your group automatically..

Gain a Competitive Advantage.

Your business will grow faster with visibility to our members. Our members are all about local. They love helping other businesses succeed. The more you sponsor, the more they’ll certainly positively talk about you, and share your group with their friends, thus increasing your member trust, and increasing the your visibility growth rate.

Get Leads, Connections, and A Return on your investment!

 We understand that sponsorships aren’t always just about branding, it’s about generating leads and getting a return on your investment. This is why with many of our sponsorship packages we allow you to stay in touch with and stay engaged with our members that attend your event so that you can get the most out of your sponsorship



If you’d like to purchase a sponsor package, or if you have questions about how to sponsor one of our next events found on our events calendar at culture-fx.com/events , email us at [email protected]