5 Tips for Using Social Media for Marketing


5 Tips for Using Social Media for Marketing


In this digital age, social media has become a tool for businesses to build their audience and their networks.  Nothing beats connecting on a one to one basis with your network, but social media can enhance these possibilities that will expand your outreach in the long run.  We have some tips on how you can use social media to do just this.

Before starting, here are some of the most commonly used social media platforms out there:


Some of these may be more useful to you than others depending on what your business is about, but LinkedIn is in its essence a professional networking platform so it’s definitely a great place to start.

1. Pace Yourself

If you are new at using social media to market your business, it may seem overwhelming with all of the options available to you.  Even if you use it personally, using social media professionally is another ball game.  If you find yourself feeling this way, it’s best to start with one and work on mastering it.  Once you get the hang of one, you are ready to take on more.  It’s better to have one strong online presence than 10+ social media accounts that are inactive most of the time.

2. Use Strategy

Each social media platform can serve you in different ways in the sense that they each cater to various kinds of audiences.  Your own audience is divided by multiple demographics with preferences that vary from one another.  For example, you may have senior professionals who would prefer to do business via LinkedIn but a millennial, who cares more about what values the company they invest in has, may check out the Instagram that shows images of group company photos and events.

Also, keep in mind, it’s important to choose which digital network will market your business the best.  Ask yourself what are the most effective platforms for your marketing?  Research what each media channel does if you are not familiar with them.

3. Quality Over Quantity

Yes, it’s true that the more times you post, the more present you are in the faces of your public.  This is also true of the in-your-face commercials you hear on the radio and see on TV.  After some time, it becomes white noise.  Focus on making the content you share valuable and informative to your audience.  Make sure you keep your community in mind and yes, occasionally, share updates on what’s going on in your business.  These posts will receive more attention and will provide a trust with your community that becomes invaluable over time.



4. Think Long-Term

Speaking of time, think of social media as building long-term friendships.  Listen to your audience’s needs and invest time into responding to comments and posts.  Show that you are not just online to promote yourself but to build a community and to be a value to others.  

5. Your Story

Show your audience that your company isn’t just one ambiguous name but rather a community of individuals who have values and share a common interest. Social media is a fantastic platform for building your story.  Share some personal insights, for instance, that will not only bring insight to your audience but it will also give your company a more personal touch that is relatable.  With technology being so prevalent these days, people seem to appreciate that human quality a lot more.

Keep in mind, these tips work well in real life too.  You can take these connections you’ve made online and extend them to in person interactions. This applies whether you are talking about building a connection with your audience or with other networking professionals.

To apply these tips in real life, read more below.  We can help!

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