Build Business on LinkedIn: How to Market on the Online Professional Network

Build Business on LinkedIn: Marketing Tips

Build Business on LinkedIn: How to Market on the Online Professional Network

As mentioned in the last blog post, LinkedIn is in its essence a professional networking platform so it’s definitely a great place to start if you want to build your business.  Below, we have 5 pieces of advice that can help you do just that.

1. Get Specific with Your Target Audience  

One of the great things about LinkedIn is that businesses can narrow down who they market to by finding exactly what role, what industry or what company size their possible connections and audience is.  This allows you to set your marketing campaigns to advertise to the exact type of people and companies that would be interested in what you’re selling.

2. Expand mailing list

Once you find your target audience, you can create a message inviting them to join your mailing list via email.  By crafting a message specific to each target group, LinkedIn allows you to send out messages to at least 50 people at once.  It would helpful to include the following in your message: 1. thank them for their connection or interest, 2. ask them to sign up for email list and tell them what they would receive in return, and 3. offer to check out what they do.

3. Completed Employee Profiles

Just like if you were posting group photos of your company on Instagram, having your employees complete their profiles on LinkedIn, gives a face to your business.  It gives those interested in finding out more about your company an abundance of information that may encourage them to push forward.  It’s just like making sure to have a photo on your own profile; it builds a sense of trust from the start because the person of interest already can put a face to the name.

4. Partake in Groups

Join groups on LinkedIn that are applicable to your intended audience.  This is great for reading what your target demographic is discussing and even can be an opportunity for you and your business to jump in and offer advice in some way.  While you’re at it, start your own LinkedIn group and begin inviting possible prospects from other groups to yours.  Most importantly, keep active and this will ultimately produce results.

5. Pull People In

In a time where outbound marketing is becoming more like white noise than successful advertising, businesses need to change their approach.  That’s where content and inbound marketing come in.  The idea is to catch people’s interests by having quality content that’s helpful and informative to them.  So instead of hard-selling to your target audience, pull them in by showing how useful you can be to them.  It’s the idea of giving before receiving.  Best of all, if one person or business finds your content informative, they are most likely to share with their connections.  

Networking online is a great resource, but ultimately using all of your networking outlets is what will push your business forward.  Supplement these strategies above with in-person networking by checking out more below.

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