PicRights Higbee And Associates

Extortion Scam Reviews

PicRights Higbee And Associates Extortion Scam Reviews

Have your received a letter from PicRights or Higbee & Associates demanding payment for Copyright Infringement?


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In my opinion, it seems like PicRights hires Higbee and Associates to ‘escalate’ and issue of copyright Infringement. They have a number of satellite offices. Many of which may be completely virtual offices. They appear legitimate because of their pictures with smiling faces that show real people must be at this firm. They have a number of offices around the country according to Google Maps.

Please review each of their offices and tell them what you think of their service!! – This is one way you can get some attention.

It seems the cycle goes, PicRight’s has a bot, that picks someone that reused an image incorrectly. They send a letter then demanding a payment. If you pay the first time, sources online say that often times your payment is ‘misplaced’ and they end up sending you an escalation letter anyway. There are very few if any stories online where someone paid the first time and the Demand letters ‘went away’


Step 2 : The letters continue over the course of weeks, months, or years to the point where PicRights either hands your case off to Higbee and Associates or off directly to Collections. Collections may call and email constantly until you pay their increasing fees or Higbee may escallate for weeks or months trying to threaten and scare you to pay their lawyer fees plus the original infringement fee plus any other damages they can possibly think of. To give you an idea of what kind of company this is, you can read legitimate reviews on their google maps which some stories may indicate that real clients hire them and then they find ways to lose records to charge their normal clients increasing fees.

Step 3 : You end up breaking down and paying whatever they want, and even then be careful what you sign there are stories online that PicRights and Higbee tend to get your to sign non disclosures and agreements admitting fault which put you at a complete disadvantage, or you can fight back. If you want to not take this laying down and you want to expose this extortion scam then join our facebook group and discuss your story. https://www.facebook.com/groups/490638598098532/

Together we will end this plague of law firms and big corporations extorting small businesses and individuals in the U.S. Feel free to comment below and share your story publically too.


Some suggestions to protect yourself :

Document EVERYTHING.  Keep every letter, every email and every phone call and put it in a folder. Keep everything in writing and do not talk to them on the phone, because they will wait for you to slip up and do something that will put you at a disadvantage.



Resources to help you :







Loopholes :



Pulled from the web people that will help you fight for free :

[email protected]

Pete [email protected] 619-218-5877


Scam Websites, do not trust:

Higbee Associates Copyright


liebowitz law firm copyright


Liebowitz Law Firm PLLC
11 Sunrise Plaza, Suite 305
Valley Stream, New York 11580-6111



Sanders Law firm

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  1. James Demers

    Higbee is a copyright troll – he relies on his victims not knowing their rights, not having an attorney, so he can scare them into paying what he demands. (It’s always less than the price of retaining a lawyer.)

    First order of business is to email back, asking for proof that the image copyright was registered, and on what date. Chances are that he’ll back off immediately, since in 99% of cases there is no registration.
    Absent registration, the most he could ever get from you are the actual damages (a reasonable royalty, probably under $100), so he’ll fob off your “case” to a clerk or paralegal for further email harassment.

    Did you turn a profit on your use? If you used it on a website that advertises your business, there is a case against you, but you can probably negotiate them down to a couple hundred dollars. Offer $150, they’ll come back with $750, you offer $200, etc. Don’t let them snooker you with “final offers” only “valid for the next 24 hours” because actually going to court is not what they’re ever going to do. Feel free to make a “final offer” of your own!

    If you’re a non-profit, or the use was for educational or commentary purposes, that’s fair use and you don’t owe them a dime. Keep telling them so until the case times out on their docket and they stop bothering you. They will never actually file a lawsuit.

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